About Me

I am Seto Ryan, I have been training and work out since 15 years old. Through years of bodybuilding and and coaching many guys and girls, I have realized one thing that people are always afraid to change, especially their minds from that will change their bodies.

seto ryan photo

To become a better person in your life, you have to change from very small things like how you sleep, how you eat or even how you drink. This seems to be very difficult at first but gradually you will get familar with it and then it will become your habit, and then it will turn into actions. By keeping these actions happenning days by days, months by months, you can see a big change not only in your minds and thoughts but also in your body.

For beginning that change, you need inspirations, these can come from many things like a quote or a picture and combine with knowledges from this blog or any places, you can start a small spark that turn out to be the fire that burn you up to become a different person.

With my knowledge from years of training and spare time, I would like to give you guys, who spend their precious time on my website something that can help you and pump into your blood the feeling of pushing back obstacles on your ways. Please remember small changes big success !