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Exercise keep you alive (1)

Exercise keep you alive

Exercising is not an option but a necessity if you want to live healthily. In addition to keeping you fit and trim, it can help keep some ailments at bay while slowing down the ageing process. Here are some of the benefits:


    Latest research from the US suggests regular physical activity could reduce your chances of getting breast cancer by22% as exercise contributes to a drop in oestrogen, high levels of which are linked to cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund believes that nearly half of breast cancer cases could be prevented if women upped their exercise, limited their alcohol consumption and maintained a healthy weight. Gentle exercises can help you stay slim and healthy. Exercise keep you alive (3)
    Half an hour a day of anything from brisk walking to house work is enough to have a positive impact. Most of the mommy should buy best double jogging stroller so they can have time to do exercises after giving birth

power up your pedals (3)

Power up your pedals

Got a bike, but not really using it? Want to cycle yourself fit, but don’t have the time? Don’t sweat – with straightforward 30-minute sessions we’ll have you on your bike in no timepower up your pedals (3)

The cycle revolution of 2012 – including Wiggo’s Tour de France win and 12 Olympic medal haul – prompted many of us to start pedalling for fitness. The benefits of cycling are endless, from increasing body strength to improving co-ordination, plus it has a low impact on your joints. But if the last bike you rode had Barbie on it, the thought of getting back in the saddle may seem daunting. Or maybe you already cycle but want a new challenge.

That’s why we’ve brought Ironman triathlete Claire Donald on board – she knows a thing or two having most recently cycled the length of New Zealand – to break down your bike training into 30-minute manageable workouts. This eight-week plan will help set you on the road to training for your first ever Cyclosportive event, where you can complete up to a 100km course (sign up to one near you at So saddle up and let’s get started.

cafe and health (1)

Things you may not know about coffee

Coffee, according to a Turkish idiom, should be as black as hell, as strong as death, and as sweet as love – which hardly sounds like a recipe for perfect health.

Many nutritional therapists see coffee as an addictive, dehydrating, poisonous, nutrient-free, sleep-interrupting, moodaltering, headache-triggering virtual poison that we’d be better off rejecting in favour of filtered water from the Himalayas and organic herbal teas. But how valid is this perception? Is it based on reputable research or is the anti-coffee brigade guilty of ignoring evidence that suggests a different story?

cafe and health (1)

Reappraisal of coffee’s perceived role in our diets may be necessary

A few studies, including a relatively new one from the United States, suggest that a reappraisal of coffee’s perceived role in our diets may be necessary. Researchers from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, have found that coffee provides more antioxidants in the average American diet than any other food or drink – four times as many as the second-placed provider, tea. cafe and health (3)

In other studies, the beverage appears to demonstrate an antioxidant activity comparable to that of tea, red wine and certain fruits, which is news to most. “According to a survey, 86% of people aren’t aware of coffee’s high antioxidant content,” says Zoe Wheeldon of the Coffee Science Information Centre. “In fact, ordinary coffee and decaffeinated coffee are both rich in antioxidants, and this characteristic isn’t affected by adding milk or sugar, or by the roasting methods used on the beans themselves.”

energy foods (2)

Eating for energy

If you’re finding it difficult to wake up in the morning, struggling to keep your eyes open at work, and just generally feeling tired and lacking energy, it may very well have something to do with your diet. While there are obviously various other illnesses that may cause these symptoms, and you should consult a professional if you are concerned, there are some foods you can add to your diet that will boost your energy levels and beat the fatigue. The food that we eat plays an enormous role in the way we function on a daily basis, both mentally...


Fat is Amazing !

While the traditional advice was to reduce daily fat intake when attempting to lose body-fat, contemporary research (usually misunderstood by social media) now suggests that fat intake should actually be increased during a weight-loss program. In this article, I outline the basic types of dietary fat we typically consume each day,


Veggie Good

Encourage the kids to eat their greens. Help is on the way with our 10 fun ideas! Maybe your kids will eat more vegetables after you give them these dished. True stories !
Encourage the kids to eat their greens. Help is on the way with our 10 fun ideas!

  1. Turning Japanese Color plays an important role in keeping your kid’s appetite going. No one enjoys munching on something dark, bland, and boring. The solution? Extra colorful bites like vegetable sushi! Use cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes, and asparagus for a pop of color.