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Dictionary definition of word anxiety

Anxiety – A Mind Devouring Health Issue

The eon of technology oriented societies colorific accessories make people’s existence divided. Now-a-days daily lives become hasty and filled with various responsibility. Modern society’s attractive instrument leads us to a distinct direction. Reputedly people are spending more money in shopping luxurious items, eating out and so on. And the excessive use of the social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, and Skype is isolating them from close one and creates a completely new problem as anxiety. Common Symptoms of Anxiety Though all this anxiety disorder has a definite nature and symptoms. The common symptoms are Exaggerated negative thought. Doing...


Put your mind behind your muscle

Implement mindfulness skills Scan yourself. Move your mind across your body to get a good image of yourself, and observe how you feel before you start tackling your workout. Set your goals. Prior to a specific workout, take note of what you intend to accomplish. Don’t let negative thoughts rule you. Be indifferent to negative thoughts. Don’t empower them and don’t try to suppress them. View them as temporary. Be in the moment. Take delight in the exercise you’re doing by thinking about how the grass feels under your feet as you run, how beautiful the surroundings are or how amazing your legs are to be doing what they’re doing. Meditate. Before training, sit quietly for five or 10 minutes. Breathe deeply for eight seconds, let your belly inflate, hold for a few seconds, exhale for eight seconds and let your belly deflate. Do this 10 times. Focus on your breathing.