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Walker rides out (1)

Walker rides out

For much of my life, I have been ‘vegetarian’. I cut meat out of my diet a long time ago, followed by fish. Several years ago I stopped using milk in drinks and on cereal, but continued to eat cheese, eggs and baked products containing milk, eggs or butter. My diet is now 100% plant based – my only regret is that I did not adopt such a diet much earlier in my life!

Walker rides out (1) Mick Walker’s vegan diet enabled him to take on gruelling cycle challenges

Last year my son and I decided that we would like to try and cycle in the Fred Whitton Challenge – a gruelling 112 mile bike ride around the Lake District, climbing all the major road passes and widely regarded as the toughest one day cycle challenge in the UK.

Leaner, stronger and fitter!

When preparing for this, I increased the number of miles cycled – till I was managing around 250 miles per week. I could feel myself getting fitter, but also felt that I should have been able to lose a bit more weight. I decided to remove the cheese from my diet. Around the same time, I read Eat and Run by the ultra-marathon runner, Scott Jurek, followed by The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell. And because I usually sleep on my side you I have to visit some online store to buy a best mattress for side sleepers .

It comes with health risks. Welding comes with potential health hazards that you should protect yourself from. (Photo Credits: DVIDSHUB, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

How to remain healthy while pursuing a career in welding

Staying safe while welding is very important because the job carries a lot of health hazards for the worker. Whether you are doing it as a hobby or a profession, the multitude of health risks it carries should keep the welder on its toes in ensuring that he remains protected from these potential medical conditions.
One of the greatest health investments you can ever make as a welder is to get yourself the best welding helmet you can afford as this will protect your eyes, your face, as well as respiratory functions from dangerous light and chemicals that you will get exposed to everyday.

Did you know? Raw veggies are higher in
resistant starch than hot, cooked ones. For
a mega dose of RS, try snacking on raw
sweet potato sticks instead of carrots.

The Super Starch

What Does a Bean Salad have in common with a green Banana? The answer is resistant starch, and a lot of it. If you’ve never heard the term Resistant Starch (RS), you’re not alone. These days, in our carbophobic society, many of us spend more time fearing starches than we do understanding their nutrient power potential. When it comes to healthful starches, RS is no BS. This type of indigestible starch (a large complex carbohydrate used by plants to store energy) has been shown in many human studies to benefit digestive health, as well as manage appetite, improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improve satiation, and lower colon cancer risk. These benefits can translate to a healthier, even slimmer body, and make resistant starch a powerful weapon in your fitness-boosting meal plans.