Eating for energy

If you’re finding it difficult to wake up in the morning, struggling to keep your eyes open at work, and just generally feeling tired and lacking energy, it may very well have something to do with your diet. While there are obviously various other illnesses that may cause these symptoms, and you should consult a professional if you are concerned, there are some foods you can add to your diet that will boost your energy levels and beat the fatigue. The food that we eat plays an enormous role in the way we function on a daily basis, both mentally and physically.

If you want to increase your zest, here are some foods to incorporate into your diet:

  1. Almonds
    Nuts, especially almonds, are not only a delicious snack but are also packed with protein and healthy fats and are great for balancing blood sugar levels. Make sure to buy the raw, unsalted kind though.

    energy foods (2)

    Nuts are always the best foods for your health

  2. Bananas
    Bananas are packed with vitamin B and potassium, and help to slow down digestion and maintain blood sugar levels.
  3. Eggs
    Eggs are packed with essential amino acids and are full of protein. They are a great food choice for building muscle, if you are looking to tone up.
  4. Carbohydrates
    Carbs are given a bad rap. What we need to realise is that while some carbs may indeed make us sluggish and result in a few unwanted pounds if eaten in excess, the right carbs in the right amounts provide great fuel for the body. Some of these ‘good carbs’ include brown rice, whole grain breads, and sweet potato.

While there are numerous other foods that can boost your energy levels, maintaining a healthy diet includes healthy habits as well.

  • A good way to keep your energy levels from dropping during the day is to eat a larger number of small meals throughout the day, rather than 3 main meals. Try to have a small meal or snack every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism going and to keep energy levels consistent.
  • Try to combine healthy carbs and protein in every snack and meal. Some ideas include tuna and crackers (whole grain), peanut butter on whole grain bread or toast, or dried fruits and almonds.
    Increase your intake of fibre. Fibre, which can be found in fruits, seeds, bran and whole grain breads, slow down your body’s absorption of carbohydrates, resulting in more balanced blood sugar levels.
  • Drink loads of water. Keeping your body well hydrated at all times is extremely important. If you are even a little dehydrated, you feel tired and sluggish.

    energy foods (3)

    Drinking a lot of water help maintaining enegery

  • Don’t forget to avoid energy sapping foods and liquids that contain high levels of saturated fat and sugar, as well as processed foods. Also keep in mind that caffeine, while perhaps able to give you a quick boost, is often just a short term fix and may actually lead to decreased levels of energy if taken in large amounts.

    energy foods (1)

    Try to have organic food for best health

It’s not difficult to use food as a way of combating fatigue. Simply make sure that you eat clean, drink plenty of water and have everything in moderation-if you do this, you’ll more than likely see your energy levels soar!

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