Exercise keep you alive

Exercising is not an option but a necessity if you want to live healthily. In addition to keeping you fit and trim, it can help keep some ailments at bay while slowing down the ageing process. Here are some of the benefits:


    Latest research from the US suggests regular physical activity could reduce your chances of getting breast cancer by22% as exercise contributes to a drop in oestrogen, high levels of which are linked to cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund believes that nearly half of breast cancer cases could be prevented if women upped their exercise, limited their alcohol consumption and maintained a healthy weight. Gentle exercises can help you stay slim and healthy. Exercise keep you alive (3)
    Half an hour a day of anything from brisk walking to house work is enough to have a positive impact. Most of the mommy should buy best double jogging stroller so they can have time to do exercises after giving birth

  2. THERAPY FOR DEPRESSIONExercise keep you alive (4)

    “Any exercise that’s from mild to moderate releases natural, feel-good endorphins,” says Andrew McCulloch, the chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation in the UK. More GPs are prescribing exercise therapy as their most common treatment for depression, compared with three years ago. “Just three 20-minute workouts a week can give your mood a lift,” he says.


    “When we exercise, circulation is improved and the delivery of nutrients to our skin cells increases,” says Dr David Fenton, a dermatologist at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. This lessens the effect of damaging toxins, such as cigarette smoke and air pollution, while sweating unclog spores by removing dirt, dead skin cells and excessse bum. Exercise keep you alive (5)He adds: “It also boosts the natural production of collagen, the connective tissue that plumps your skin to lessen the appearance of wrinkles.”Instead of driving to the shops or to school, walk. This will improve blood circulation and help you look younger.

  4. BOOSTS BRAIN POWERExercise keep you alive (6)

    Researchers from Illinois University in the US found an improvement of just 5% in fitness led to an increase of up to 15% in mental function. This is because exercise helps build new cells in the area of the brain responsible formemory. “Exercise can help to ward off Alzheimer’s by boosting blood flow
    – and oxygen – to the brain, which fires and regenerates the receptors,” says the study’s author, Professor Arthur Kramer. Start by joining a spinning class at your local gym;do one session a week and gradually build up.

  5. SUPPORTS YOUR HEARTExercise keep you alive (1)

    Studies from Purdue University in the US have shown that regular exercise can cut your risk of heart disease by 50%, increasing the strength of the heart muscle, as well as the elasticity of your blood vessels. According to the British Heart Foundation, about 10 000 deaths from heart attacks could be prevented each year if people kept themselves fitter. Signup for a 5km or 10km run and raise funds for charity or join organisations such as Run/Walk for Life.

  6. INCREASES LUNG CAPACITYExercise keep you alive (2)

    Regular aerobic exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, enabling your lungs to work more efficiently so that they supply more oxygen to where it’s needed, faster. According to a study by Lasalle University in the US, breathing exercises performed for two minutes five times a day can increase your lung capacity by up to 10% in just 12 weeks. Inhale deeply through the nose for a count of three, squeezing down through your diaphragm, then exhale forcefully for three seconds.


    “Swimming helps reduce fluid retention and strengthens your stomach muscles, relieving cramps,”
    says Patrick O’Brien of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynae cologists in the UK. MattWood, a swimming coach at Holmes Place in London recommends you do up to 30 lengths using a high-intensity stroke-like front crawl in the first half of your cycle (days 1-13). “To ease cramps in the second half (days 14-28), do 20 lengths of breaststroke, concentrating on long strokes and regular breathing,” he adds.


    The best way to deal with back pain is to keep moving as inactivity will only make it worse. That means continuing with regular activities like gardening to avoid becoming sedentary. Practicing Pilates can have major benefits as it strengthens the muscles around your lower back and stomach, helping to support and realign the body.

  9. FAST METABOLISMExercise keep you alive (7)

    “Physical activity helps decrease the time it takes food to move through the large intestine. This limits the volume of water absorbed back into your body, leaving your stools softer and easier to pass,” explains gastroenterologist DrKenHeaton. A study in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology And Hepatology found dancing can reduce all manner of digestive problems, from diarrhoea to irritable bowel syndrom. Why not take up a dancing class?

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